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Hollyworld Media is a digital film marketing and exhibition service. We are focused on bringing original films AND there filmmakers to (mass-niche) audiences, through digital streaming devices worldwide.


     The future of movie consumption is being determined today by the habits of film consumers, who are increasingly streaming films on smart devices around the world. Consumers have the desire to be entertained at their own convenience and with the technology that empowers them.

 Streaming content is overwhelmingly in demand for media companies like Disney, Netflix, Amazon and Apple who are paying billions of dollars to acquire them.  

     Our goal is to partner with filmmakers to help them sell their films to anyone! Whether they are film buyers from major companies or everyday film lovers paying directly to see your film.  Incredible independent films, and the filmmakers who created them deserve to have their work shared with the world.

     We do this through utilizing social media engagement techniques, coordinating tailored digital marketing strategies, and exhibiting films on SVOD platforms both owned and partnered

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