Sell Your Film

     If you're looking to sell your movie to ANY film buyer, including everyday consumers, streaming outlets like Netflix and Hulu, or TV Networks from around the world, this service was made specifically for you!

     Buyers have to know that your film is prepared for success. To accomplish this, you need to be able to define your films target audience and anticipate your potential audience size, you will also need to identify where they congregate online, and know what your audience "thinks" about your film, including knowing exactly why they "like" your movie.

     We accomplish this for you by hosting an extremely exclusive, interactive live streaming event with anywhere between 25-500 of your potential target audience members to gather in-depth first-hand knowledge of (1) who your audience is, (2) what they think about your film, 

and (3) how we can tailor your marketing message to better attract your audience. Furthermore, we will create a report to structure the information gathered for you to use in your pitch to sell your film!

    To use this valuable service for your film, book a meeting with us! 

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